Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boys will be Boys

Best of Friends

Calv and Wyatt are such a hoot! They don't go far without hearing a giggle I thought I'd share a few that have made me also giggle

*Baylee calls Calvin "Midget, Midg, or Midgy" not sure why since he is pretty tall and doesn't lack any meals, any how, our church is right at the time when Calv takes his afternoon nap, which is a fight because he always wants to just talk or play with Wyatt. Calv was SO GRUMPY! So I stood up to take him out, when I reached the back Wyatt yells "MIDGY! MIDG! MERE (come here)MIDG!" Mind you we sit pretty dang close to the front. :) He's too dang cute

Wyatt's learned how to open doors, Tiff usually keeps the bathroom door closed and it hasn't been a problem, until this week, Wyatt opened the door both went in, he closed the door and then proceeded to lock it... Tiff could hear them laughing, and went to search for them. They had found the toilet, and were just having a good old time splashing eachother :) TROUBLE

They've also found the joy of running and following eachother around the house. I went to pick Calv up from Tiff's one day and Wyatt put his socks and shoes on, I didn't think anything of it because they were going to go pick Bay up from school. I said good-bye with Calv in arms, when I went to give Wyatt a kiss, he said, "NO! GO!" I said, "you want to come with me?" He shook his head up and down which really was his whole body. So to Auntie's house we went. Calv and Wyatt spent 2 hours running from Calv's room to the kitchen and when they'd meet in the middle they would BURST with excitement and laugh so hard they would both be on the floor!

Wyatt knows Calv will laugh at him, and he eggs him on, which makes the giggles even better! OH WATCH OUT WORLD!!

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